The NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency team are deeply saddened by the bushfire
emergency which is having a profound impact across our state and territory. We have
put this newsletter together to share some tips and resources to support educators
at this time. This list of resources and tips is not exhaustive, and educators are
encouraged to use these resources as appropriate to your specific circumstances.

Our thoughts are with all educators at this difficult time. Some educators may
have been personally affected. Some services are located in a fire danger zone or
impacted by hazardous air quality. Many educators have been affected indirectly by
experiencing the ongoing tragic news shared over recent months. We hope the
enclosed information will support educators, children and families through this
challenging period.

An Inclusion Professional will be in touch with you to offer support to your service.
Educators are always able to contact us with any immediate questions or needs.

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NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency 

 KU Children’s Services, Include Me and Gowrie NSW, are proud to deliver the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency as part of the Inclusion Support Programme.

Regional Inclusion Hubs have been set up across the state and territory to provide free tailored support to early childhood education and care services through:

  • Onsite visits to observe and discuss service strengths, challenges and barriers to inclusion
  • Supporting educators to analyse policies, programs and practices and to reflect on changes that can be made to support inclusion
  • Providing practical advice, strategies and possible solutions to inclusion barriers
  • Facilitating the development of the services Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) that identify strategies for change and growth
  • Inclusion Professionals will support educators to learn about inclusion, access ISP supports and support diversity.

Latest News

   Children's Voices

     The NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency has embarked on an exciting project which seeks and listens to children’s  
    voices about inclusion.                                                                                                                                                
     We are eager to hear from and reflect the child’s perspective in our work
     supporting inclusive practice.

     A range of inclusion-related interviews with children from across NSW
     and the ACT will be shared throughout the  year on our Children's Voices  
     page of this website.
 So far we have asked some children to share their thoughts about Difference and Australia Day. To read what they had to say  click here




Inclusion Matters
   NSW/ACT IA Brochure      Consent Form         NSW ACT IA Brochure - For Families


What is Inclusion?

Inclusion recognises the right of every child to participate meaningfully in all aspects of community life. Inclusion happens when children are viewed as capable and valued contributors.

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Cultural Diversity

Inclusive early childhood and child care services welcome and value every child and their family. Inclusion is being respectful and responsive to culture.

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Programme Supports

The ISP assists early childhood and child care services to include children with additional needs alongside their peers, through the provision of tailored inclusion advice and support from Inclusion Agencies and access to funded support and specialist equipment where required.

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