Transition to the new Inclusion Support Programme (ISP)

The NISSP is working with the Department to ensure a smooth transition from the Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) to the ISP.  There are arrangements in place to ensure eligible services continue to access funded support during the transition to the ISP.
In line with advice from the Department, the NISSP is extending current Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS)  approvals to ensure services with an existing ISS approval have an approval end date equivalent to what would have been approved if the IPSP had continued. The NISSP will issue extended approval letters to all eligible services by email by 8 April 2016.

Services can refer to the Department's website for further details about the ISP including the ISP Guidelines.

The Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP)

The Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) will continue to provide support to eligible child care and early learning services until 30 June 2016. See below for more information about IPSP providers such as Inclusion Support Agencies (ISAs), Professional Support Coordinators (PSCs), Indigenous Professional Support Units (IPSU) and the National Inclusion Support Subsidy Provider (NISSP) support.  Refer to the IPSP Guidelines 2013 - 2016 for further information.


Inclusion Support Agencies

Inclusion Support Agencies (ISAs) operate within 67 regions across Australia and work at a local level with child care and early learning services. ISAs provide practical advice and support to assist services to build their capacity to create an inclusive environment for all children and families.
ISAs offer services a range of practical support and advice including assisting services to:
  • develop Inclusion Improvement Plans
  • develop, implement and sustain inclusive policies and practices
  • identify professional development needs and opportunities
  • access other IPSP supports such as specialised equipment and Bicultural Support
  • link with other early childhood education professionals, local support networks, community groups and organisations, and
  • apply for Flexible Support Funding and the Inclusion Support Subsidy.
Contact details for Inclusion Support Agencies in your region

Further information about ISAs is available in the following video and animation:
Professional Support Coordinator (PSC)

The PSC in each State/Territory provides information and resourcing to support services develop innovative professional learning programs individualised service support and support for new services a mentoring program Bicultural Support Program access to Specialist Equipment for children with additional needs, and a comprehensive website of information on professional learning, support and library resources.

Contact details for your PSC

Further information about PSCs is available in the following video and animation:

Indigenous Professional Support Unit (IPSU)

The IPSU in each State/Territory supports the Australian Government's commitment to ensuring that all Indigenous children attending eligible Indigenous child care services have access to high quality care.
IPSU staff provide:

  • support and referral to eligible Indigenous services through formal and informal programs, and through collaboration that supports reflection, and
  • advice and referral to both PSCs and ISAs working with mainstream services in providing culturally relevant support and inclusion for Aboriginal children or staff.
Contact details for your IPSU

Further information about IPSUs is available in the following video and animation:

IPSP - Overview Animation

This animation provides an overview of the support provided through the Inclusion and Professional Support Program.

IPSP – Overview Video

This video provides an overview of the support provided through the Inclusion and Professional Support Program.

The Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training helps to support families and children through programs, services, benefits and payments. Further support is provided through grants and funding for organisations providing services for families. The Department administers a number of programmes and services, one of which is the Inclusion and Professional Support Program.

For more information visit the Department of Education and Training.