ISS funding for Budget Based Funded Programs

Australian Government child care and early learning services funded under the Budget Based Funded Program, including flexible/innovative services, mobile child care services, Multifunctional Aboriginal Children's Services, Indigenous playgroups, Indigenous outside school hours care and enrichment programmes and creches are eligible to apply for ISS funding.

Step One - Contact your local Inclusion Support Agency (ISA)

Eligible child care and early learning services that have enrolled a child with additional needs should contact their local Inclusion Support Agency (ISA) to discuss their inclusion support needs.

Before an application for ISS can be made an ISF will assist services to develop an Inclusion Improvement Plan (IIP). The IIP is the key planning tool that assists educators in child care and early learning services to focus on their needs, develop goals and implement actions to build educator and service capacity to facilitate the inclusion of all children, including children with additional needs. If ISS is identified as an appropriate support the IIP will be submitted with the application for ISS.

Step Two – Complete the paper-based application

Budget Based Funded (BBF) services are required to submit paper-based applications directly to the National Inclusion Support Subsidy Provider (NISSP). An ISS Application must be accompanied by a copy of the Inclusion Improvement Plan (IIP), the required documentary evidence and the Parent/Guardian consent forms. The forms are interactive pdf files, so you can type into them and save them onto your computer. The forms can then be opened again to make changes if necessary.

Step Three – Review and submit the application

  • Review your application to ensure it provides the information required and reflects the current needs and circumstances within the care environment.
  • Check all information has been attached using the BBF Services Application Checklist for services.
  • Sign and date the completed application
  • Contact your ISF to sign the completed application form
  • Post or email the application form to the NISSP.
The NISSP will contact you if further information or clarification is required for your application to be assessed.