When to claim ISS funding for Budget Based Funded (BBF) Services

BBF services must provide their paper-based claims directly to the NISSP. Paper forms should be submitted either:

a) At the end of every fortnight, and no later than 60 days after the end of the quarter (for all services using the paper claims process); or

b) At the end of each calendar quarter for children's attendances during the whole quarter, no later than 60 days after the end of the quarter.

Quarter dates are as follows:
  • 1 January to 31 March
  • 1 April to 30 June
  • 1 July to 30 September
  • 1 October to 31 December

To claim ISS, these claims must meet eligibility requirements including:
  • Claims for ISS must be submitted within 60 days end of the quarter that the child/ren listed on the ISS Approval attended the service. Late claims will not be paid.
  • At least one ISS eligible child is in attendance for each session where a face to face claim is made.
  • An additional educator was engaged for all hours claimed.
  • The additional educator must be above:
    • the educator to child ratios required under the National Regulations, and
    • the number of educators the service stated were employed in the care environment in the ISS application.

For further information on ISS Claim Conditions please go to IPSP Fact Sheet 2 – Claiming the Inclusion Support Subsidy

Periodic audits of services’ records are conducted to verify claims for payments.

How to claim ISS funding for Budget Based Funded Programs

Your ISS Approval Letter will show the weekly  hours approved that have been approved for the care environment. The Approval email provided by the NISSP will detail any additional approval conditions which apply to the Approval. The service must make an ISS Claim for Payment in line with the ISS Approval for the care environment, the ISS Conditions of Funding Agreement and the ISS Guidelines.

Step 1: The additional educator must complete the daily Attendance Record
Each day that an additional educator (subsidised through the ISS) attends your service s/he must initial their hours of attendance on the ISS Attendance Record.
A record must also be kept of the hours that the child/ren with ongoing high support needs attends your service on the ISS Attendance Record.

Step 2: Submit the Claim for Payment
To claim ISS BBF services need to complete an ISS Claim for Payment form. This form and the ISS Attendance Record must be submitted to the NISSP via mail or email

Step 3: NISSP will process claim and transfer payment
The NISSP will process the claim form and then transfer your payment electronically to the service’s bank account. You will be emailed a Payment Advice when this is complete. If you have any queries relating to your Claim for Payment or you need any further information please contact the NISSP.


The service must make an ISS claim for payment in line with the ISS Approval for the care environment, ISS Conditions of Funding Agreement and the IPSP Guidelines.

Services are periodicallyaudited by the NISSP and you may be required to provide relevant documentation to the National Inclusion verify your Claim for Payment.

Services must retain documentary evidence of the child or children listed on the IS Case and Additional Educator and Carer attendance for all hours claimed. Examples include:

  • Child or children’s attendance (for Face-to-Face claims only), such as sign in and sign out sheets with parent signature.
  • Additional Educator/Carer attendance, such as time sheets signed by the Additional Educator/Carer or the signed Attendance Record form.
  • Home based Services may be requested to also provide evidence of the Service’s standard child care fees, and record of payment made to the educator/carer for child care fees and ISS.


Under the ISS Conditions of Funding Agreement, services agree to repay the Commonwealth any overpayment of ISS, including where a claim is found to have been incorrectly rendered.