IIPs build the capacity of educators to include all children

The IIP is the key planning tool that assists educators in child care and early learning services to focus on their needs, develop goals and implement actions to build educator and service capacity to facilitate the inclusion of all children.

Services are required to develop an IIP when requesting Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) supports such as Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS), Bicultural Support, Flexible Support Funding (FSF) or Specialist Equipment.

ISFs assist services to develop an IIP which will support educators to provide an inclusive care environment for all children, including children with additional needs.

Services must actively engage in the IIP Reflective Planning Cycle to demonstrate willingness to build capacity for inclusion, including engaging in continuous improvement to increase educator skills and knowledge, and implement changes to provide a quality inclusive care environment for all children.

The IIP Guide and Tip Sheets

The IIP Guide and IIP Tip sheets provide a straightforward and comprehensive overview of supporting services to develop an IIP. In the IIP Guide there is a brief overview of each section of the IIP Document, with a list of things to consider and information about what to document. There is a range of reflective questions included to assist ISFs with guiding the discussion with educators. The easy to read document is a practical guide with many helpful tips which will help services to reflect on the barriers to inclusion and identify goals and strategies which will build the educators’ capacity to include all children in the care environment.

IIP Guide

IIP Tipsheets:
Inclusion Improvement Plan (IIP) Overview
IIP Requirements for ISS Applications
The IIP Reflective Planning Cycle and Documenting Progress
Developing an IIP and Reflective Conversations
IIP Document Overview – Part A and B
IIP Part C – The Educator Capacity Building Plan
IIP Part D – Evaluation

IIP Videos

The IIP videos have been developed for ISFs to assist in understanding the Inclusion Improvement Plan (IIP), and supporting services to develop, implement and evaluate the IIP. The videos contain commentary from the NISSP Program Director, as well as advice and suggestions from some experienced ISFs.
The video is available in the full length version, or can viewed in sections in short videos:

Introduction to the IIP - presented in 5 parts


Why develop an IIP and where to begin?

What is the Service Review and how to support educators in identifying their needs


Building the educators capacity to provide inclusive care environments


Keeping the plan alive...What has been achieved? What do you want to try next?

The relationship between the IIP and the QIP

Exploring the Relationship Between the IIP and the QIP