ISS Application Resources for Inclusion Support Facilitators

ISFs should refer to the ISS Application Guide and the IIP Guide when supporting services to apply for ISS funding.

For additional information regarding the ISS application procedures refer to:
ISS Application Flowchart;
Before endorsing an IS Case; and
What happens once an ISS application has been submitted to the NISSP.


IS Case Checklist for ISAs

The IS Case Checklist is for use by ISFs immediately prior to endorsing or not endorsing and IS Case. To endorse a case the ISF should agree that the following applies:
  • The application is complete
  • The need for ISS in the care environment is demonstrated
  • The level of ISS requested is justified based on the information provided
  • The request is for approved purposes, as per the IPSP guidelines
  • The specific strategies the educators will implement on a daily basis to facilitate inclusion of all children are provided
  • The service understands the purpose and use of ISS and what is being applied for in this application
  • If the care environment has had an ISS approval before this approval was utilised, or the service has explained why this did not occur and expect ISS to be utilised if approved.

The Inclusion and Professional Support Guidelines for 2013 - 2016

Section B of the IPSP Guidelines, ‘Inclusion Support Agencies’, provides information in relation to the role of ISAs. This section of the Guidelines provides guidance, explanations and definitions to assist ISFs in their role of supporting services to build educator capacity to provide quality care environments inclusive of all children and applying for ISS.

Accessing the Portal

ISFs must complete the DSS ISA Portal User Request Form to allow access to the IS Portal.

If you experience technical issues with using the IS Portal please contact the Department's Inclusion Support Portal helpdesk or call 1800 306 182. Please note these contact details are only for ISAs and the NISSP. Services contact the CCMS Helpdesk.

If you have forgotten your password or require your password to be reset please contact FOFMS or call 1800 020 283.

Inclusion Support Portal Task Cards for ISAs

The Department has developed a series of Task Cards to assist ISAs to use the IS portal

  1. Task Card 1 – Creating a new IIP Record.
  2. Task Card 2 - Creating a new Inclusion Support Case.
  3. Task Card 3 - Endorsing an Inclusion Support Case.