Contact your ISA immediately about changes in the care environment.

The approval for ISS is based on the needs of the care environment detailed in the application, including the children listed and the attendance pattern of the children included in the IS Case. Services must contact your ISF to inform them of the changes in the care environment and they will advise if any, action is required.
The following are some examples of changes to the care environment which may have an impact on the level of ISS approved:
  • A child listed on the ISS approved case changes hours and/or days of attendance.
  • A child listed on the ISS approved case leaves the care environment.
  • There is a significant increase or decrease in the number of children attending the care environment.
  • Significant staffing changes, including where the service has been unable to engage an Additional Educator.
  • Significant changes to the educator to child ratio or ages of children being included in the care environment.
  • State funded Kindergarten or Preschool Program commences in the care environment, or the child has a funded position in an existing program.

Contact the NISSP about changes of circumstances in relation to the following:

  • ISS is no longer required because a child has left the service. Services are requested to email a completed Final Review Form to the NISSP.
  • The service experiences a Change of Service Ownership or CCB Approval ID. Services are requested to notify the NISSP within 30 days of the change.
  • A child in the IS Case is absent for longer than 60 days during the approval period.
  • Final Review Form for ACT, NSW, VIC, SA and WA
  • Final Review Form for QLD, TAS and NT