The Inclusion Support Programme

The ISP has a focus on building ECCC services ability and confidence to include children with additional needs and relying less on ISP funding support.
The ISP consists of three key elements:
  • Inclusion Agencies (IA)

Each state and territory has an Inclusion Agency contracted to assist eligible services to build their capacity and capability to provide and embed inclusive practice in their delivery of early learning programmes. KU Children's Services manages the NSW/ACT IA in partnership with Include Me and Gowrie NSW. 
IA providers in each state and territory
  • Inclusion Development Fund (IDF)

The IDF provides funding to assist eligible services to address a barrier to inclusion that cannot be addressed by the support of an IA. There are four streams of IDF funding: subsidy for an Additional Educator, Immediate Time Limited Support,  Family Day Care Top Up and Innovative Solutions. Each stream has different eligibility criteria, application processes and approved funding purposes.   KU Children’s Services, in partnership with Include Me, is the IDFM and is contracted to provide a nationally consistent and equitable management of the IDF. Further information about the role of the IDFM and the IDF is available on the IDFM website.

ECCC services accessing inclusion support through this programme are making a commitment to building their capacity and capability to ensure inclusion practices are part of their everyday service delivery.
The development of a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) is the first step to accessing support from the Programme, including funding through the IDF.

Developing a Strategic Inclusion Plan

All services receiving support through the Inclusion Support Programme must develop a Strategic Inclusion Plan for their service, in collaboration with the Inclusion Agency.

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About the Specialist Equipment Library

Providing specialist equipment to eligible ECCC services to support inclusion of all children who would otherwise be unable to participate in programmes.

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About the Inclusion Development Fund

Inclusion Development Fund
Funding is available for ECCC services to address barriers to inclusion which cannot be resolved by the Inclusion Agency and Spcialist Equipment Library.