The development of a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) is the first step in accessing support from the Inclusion Agency.

A SIP is a self-guided inclusion assessment and planning tool for services, which includes strategies for improving and embedding inclusive practice, in line with the National Quality Standards (NQS). The development of a SIP recognises the current inclusive capacity of a service and outlines the strategies and actions educators will implement to increase their capacity to include all children.

A SIP is developed, implemented and evaluated within a 12 month period and can be updated during this period to reflect any changes and record the progress made in implementing the strategies and actions outlined.

Strategic Inclusion Plan information for:

    CBDC services                                                                 OSHC Services                                                                    FDC services                                                                         FDC educators

 Overview of the SIP

Key resources to assist with developing, implementing and reviewing the SIP

Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) - Fact Sheet
This Fact Sheet provides a guide to developing the SIP, with a particular focus on writing Actions. It also contains information on accessing a printable version of the SIP to share with all educators, and tips for recording Progress Notes and updating the SIP.

Task card for completing a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP)
This task card provides step-by-step guidance for child care services and IA when using the portal for completing the SIP.

Overview of the SIP
This document provides a written and visual overview of each component of the SIP.

ISP User Guide - Section 2 SIP
Provides an overview of each component of the Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP), including reflective questions for the service to consider in responding to the two Service Profile questions.
SIP Yearly Review - Fact Sheet
This Fact Sheet outlines the annual process undertaken by services, with support from the Inclusion Professional to review the SIP. It outlines strategies for evaluating the SIP and how to update the SIP as a result of this evaluation. The role of the Inclusion Professional in this process is also explained.  

 Further information relating to SIP requirements for IDF applications can be  accessed on the IDFM website

We Value Inclusion 

  The NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency recognises ongoing service commitment to  
  inclusion by providing each service who is maintaining an active Strategic Inclusion
  Plan with an ‘Our Service Values Inclusion’ Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) sticker.

This sticker acknowledges that your service values diversity and recognises inclusion as a right for all children.

Each year that a service maintains and active SIP, their Inclusion Professional will provide them with a star which shows that they continue to be a service that values inclusion.